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The Internet portal www.osservatoriofm.it has been created using the programming code XHTML 1.0 Strict. Some parts of this portal have been dynamically generated, by collecting data from databases, and have been elaborated afterwards, so that there could be pages that are not accurately in accordance with the XHTML 1.0 Strict standard.

Sure that the final goal is not only to obtain stamps and certifications from the automatic validators, but to meet users' requirements, we consider that the essential point is the result in order to estimate the actual accessibility of the website. In case this may fail, please report it.

The graphical formatting of this portal has been created by Css version 2. In this way, contents and graphics are completely separated, so that a total access to the website is guaranteed to every user and main browsers, including not conventional ones (browsers for visually handicapped, textual browsers).  The weight of the pages have been reduced, so that the consultation of the page can be guaranteed even for users who do not have an Internet fast connection (ADSL type). 

The general access to this portal can be assessed as levels of priority (AA) established by the guidelines on accessibility of websites (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0), drafted by the W3C - WAI  group and the Italian Government (see text of Stanca law).

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All the images of content in this website have their description in attribute ALT. The merely decorative images have an ALT null attribute.

All links are textual links, and can be recognized by the underlining that appears when pointed with the mouse.
All links have the attribute TITLE, that have a significant description of the link destination; in the case of links that lead to other pages outside of this website, the description ends "...[this link opens a new window]".

Pages presentation
All pages of this website, created essentially on a textual format, are presented by the use of style sheets. Print dimension refers to the respective font dimension so that users can select its size, using the browser functions or those of the toolbar that appears at the beginning of the website.

In order to offer the best software to voice browsers, in every page have been defined: 

  1. the main language of the document;
  2. the language regarding specific foreign terms.